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Providing commodities Canola Seed ,Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil , Soybean Oil  from Argentina, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, India…



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In international trade, the importance of trade in wheat is equated to oil

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Wheat (Tríticum, Lat.) – Annual crops belonging to the grass family. Wheat is the most important food crop. Flour derived from the wheat grains in the food industry, is used for making bread, confectionary and pasta. Wheat grains are also used for production of malt alcohol, industrial starch production, as well as animal feedstuffs.


the world’s oldest annual high-yielding plant of the family Poaceae. By the degree of prevalence of corn is second only to wheat and rice. In Russia, the corn is grown mainly in the Central Black Earth, North Caucasus and Lower Volga regions.

Corn is a grain-round use. According to general statistics, approximately 20% of the world corn yield is used for food purposes, 60-65% goes to feed use, the remaining 15-20% is used for technical purposes.
Grain, corn leaves and stem are also recycled.


Pipes, sunflower seeds or seeds are edible wonders achenes plant commonly called sunflower (Helianthus annuus). Usually, it sold the whole fruit and the interior is consumed as an aperitif, discarding the shell (pericarp). There are different varieties of pipes, depending on the variety of sunflower; used in addition to human consumption, some of them are used in animal feed, particularly poultry , in which case not salted.


one of the oldest crops grown for food and industrial purposes. Barley is the second largest producer in Russia. Mainly in Russia are grown spring barley varieties (about 90%). Barley is resistant to drought and frost, which leads to the possibility of growing this crop almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

Barley is famous for its short growing period .In the north he can mature before the frost, and in the south – before the start of the summer drought. Cleaning crops usually starts from barley.


Soybean meal is a type of flour made from ground whole soybeans . It is used in confectionery and bakery. It has a high percentage of protein . It is also used in animal feed supplement , thanks to its high protein content.

Besides the usual , there is also Kinako flour , which unlike the previous is obtained from the roasted and ground beans . Above all it is used to make sweets in Japan and is a significant source of protein.


Sunflower oil or sunflower oil is a vegetable oil extracted from pressing the seeds Frame sunflower plant , also called chimalate , jáquima , wonder, mirasol, tlapololote , corn tile . Technically it is a set of unsaturated , heart-healthy fats ( has moderate amounts of oleic acid compared to olive oil) , and abundant source of vitamin E, is also considered a potent antioxidant.

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